Senior Campus Bronze, Silver & Gold Awards

15 April 2021

On our Senior Campus we have a positive reinforcement awards system.

Each of our pupils receives a “Smiley Book” at the start of grade 4.  All their awards are kept safely in this book accumulating each year in pursuit of the grand goal - Membership of the Gold Club!

Children receive Bronze Awards for any positive behaviour such as kindness, good work, good manners, helpfulness, sportsmanship, classroom contribution and so on.  When 5 Bronze Awards have been received, a Silver Award is issued. Silver Awards can also be earned for coming first in class, outstanding service to the school, academic, cultural or sporting excellence amongst others.  When 5 Silver Awards have been accumulated, a Gold Award is issued.

The ultimate award is a Gold Club badge and the pupils name is recorded on the honours board in the school hall as a member of The Gold Club!  This is only achieved when a pupil has received 5 Gold Awards.

Our system has proved very successful over the years by highlighting good behaviour and a positive contribution by our pupils.

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