School Trust

The Durban North Senior Primary School trust was established in 1992 as a legitimate means to provide additional support for the improvement of education at our school. The name denotes the name of the school at the time before our merge with Northway Junior Primary School.

The objectives of the trust as defined in the Trust Deed are:

  • To augment and enhance the education of all pupils
  • To provide modern teaching facilities and aids
  • To provide funds for the enhancement of facilities
  • To provide funds for extra mural activities
  • To provide funds to ensure that a high academic standard is maintained

The school trust obtains income from a number of sources amongst which are:

  • The lease of the aftercare buildings to Chelsea Preparatory School
  • The Lease of Stead House to Chelsea Preparatory School
  • The income from support cards such as “My School” and “Makro”
  • Defined fund raising ventures such as the management of our aftercare facilities


Our Trust has over the years striven to provide an extra dimension to our school in terms of our property portfolio which in time will provide valuable surety for future development. Our School has a clear vision for the future physical development of our campuses and the Trust will provide the financial support required. The present strategic plan lists the following project:

  • A new hall and arts center on the Northway Campus
  • A new homework center on the Chelsea Campus

Any person wishing to obtain more information about the Durban North Senior Primary School Trust is asked to contact the Principal of the School.