Chelsea Preparatory School was the very first school in Durban North. Founded in 1932 and known as Durban North Government School, the school changed its name to Chelsea Drive Senior Primary in 1987. After merging with Northway Junior Primary in 2000, it became known as Chelsea Preparatory School.

Chelsea Preparatory School, situated in the heart of Durban North, boasts two state of the art campuses catering for both boys and girls from Grade R to Grade 7. Chelsea Prep prides itself on offering an excellent education, built on rich traditions and strong family values, whilst offering opportunities for children to grow in their respective areas of strength in the classroom, on the sports field and in the performing arts. Our extended curriculum, coupled with our highly committed and experienced staff and fully supportive School Governing Body, ensures that academic excellence remains our primary objective, whilst each and every pupil feels valued and inspired to excel.

Welcome to our website, which gives a glimpse of what we are all about at Chelsea Preparatory School. 


The only school north of the Umgeni River was Durban North Government School, teaching all primary grades. The first entry in the logbook is dated 25 January 1932. The school officially opened with Mr R J Vaughan as Headmaster, five teachers and an enrolment of 93 pupils. As no stock had been received, the pupils were dismissed at 11h30. During the first week, kindergarten children were sent home immediately after assembly as their teacher had not assumed duty.

In 1987, the school changed its name to Chelsea Drive Senior Primary and then, after merging with Northway Junior Primary in 2000, it became known as Chelsea Preparatory School.


Faith, Work and Progress

Purpose Statement

“To provide an outstanding, holistic education;
to instil discipline; respect for others and the environment; to equip children for a dynamic, multi-cultural society.”


As we gather this day, God we pray
That all we say and do
Would bring honour to you
Would be filled with your truth

God bless each one standing here
And thank you for this day
A brand new opportunity to choose the right way

As we gather this day God we pray
That all we say and do
Would bring honour to you
Would be filled with your truth

School Song

Time, once again, to give thanks to our School.
Thanks for the privilege of learning.
Deep and steadfast is our faith and love
For our fine School.
Chelsea Prep, the School we love.
Keeping faith, working hard, think deeply.
Our motto we’ll cherish forever.
Our school colours bold – red, white and dark blue.
Chelsea Prep.

Time, once again, to give thought to our School.
Thought to our friends and companions.
The bond we’ve shared together,
Will keep us friends forever.
Chelsea Prep the School we love.
Keeping faith, working hard, think deeply.
Our motto we’ll cherish forever.
Our school colours bold – red, white and dark blue.
Chelsea Prep.


Chelsea Prep adopted a values programme to build a good foundation in all pupils and these values are promoted in assemblies, class activities and daily school life:

RESPECT – show respect to your parents, teachers, adults and classmates in all you do

MAKE A DIFFERENCE – do something to make a positive difference in someone’s life today

ACCOUNTABILITY/TAKE RESPONSIBILITY – be accountable for your actions. You must face up to the consequences of your choices

HONESTY – honesty is always the best policy

GOOD MANNERS – say please and thank you, greet visitors and always be polite

CONSIDERATION – think of the feelings and needs of others and try to make life better for those around you

ENVIRONMENTAL AWARENESS – recycle, don’t waste water, pick up litter and look after our plants and animals

INTEGRITY/MAKE CORRECT CHOICES – choose to do the right thing even if it is difficult sometimes

COMPASSION/KINDNESS – be thoughtful and kind especially to those who are sad or lonely

POSITIVE ATTITUDE/CHEERFULNESS – being positive means finding the good in situations and people around you

SELF CONTROL – we all need to control our words and actions and think before we act

GIVE OF YOUR BEST/EFFORT – always put 100% into a task and try your best

FORGIVENESS – forgive others and yourself

LOVE – love and show care for all from plants to animals to people

PERSEVERANCE/DILIGENCE – keep trying to improve and find the answers

MORAL COURAGE – be brave and stand up for those who can’t

GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP – on and off the field

FRIENDSHIP – be friendly to all


The School Governing Body (SGB) is a statutory body of parents, educators and non-teaching staff who seek to work together to promote the well-being and effectiveness of the school community and thereby enhance learning and teaching. Chelsea Preparatory School’s Governing Body consists of the principal, six elected parents, three educators elected from the teaching staff and one member elected from the non-educator staff component. School Governing Bodies are elected every three years, with those elected serving for the three-year period unless their child leaves the school or in the case of a member of staff, they resign.

The function of the School Governing Body is not to manage the daily running of the school; this is the function of the school principal and the school management team. Rather, it is involved in governance related issues, i.e. deciding on admission policies, language polices, religious practices, maintaining and improving the school’s property, building and grounds, ensuring the financial stability of the school and adopting a code of conduct for learners, which sets out disciplinary procedures. All decisions and policies, as set out by the School Governing Body, need to be in line with national policies.

Outreach Programmes

As Chelsea Preparatory School focuses strongly on good values and compassion for others, our outreach programme is an important and integral aspect of school life.

Our programmes encourage pupil, staff and parent involvement, with our focus on teaching children empathy, compassion, kindness and to have charitable hearts.

Charities supported by Chelsea Prep include Feed the Babies, St Martins Children’s Home, Domino Baby Home, LEARN Project, TAFTA, Santa’s Shoeboxes and a morning tea with entertainment by our choir and school dancers for the Senior Citizens.

We collect bread tags and bottle tops for a wheelchair exchange programme in support of the QuadPara Association, support a weekly soup kitchen and contribute towards a feeding programme in less privileged schools, as well as animal shelters and rehabilitation centres.

In the past we have assisted other schools by improving a school library, installing artificial grass onto a play area that was previously sandy, we have supplied mielie meal for breakfast and sandwiches for the children’s lunches, set up a veggie garden, planted new trees to create shade for learners, and donated toys, clothing and school shoes to children.

Annually, we collect second-hand sport goods, books, stationery and pre-loved school shoes, as well as jumble for redistribution.

While our chosen charities vary from year to year, our passion and enthusiasm to teach our pupils the importance of caring for others does not wane. It is always encouraging to see the amazing support of our pupils and parents during our charitable projects.


Our planet and the environment is our love and passion at Chelsea Preparatory School. It is our dream and goal to make sure that we, as a small group of individuals, make a positive impact.

Chelsea Prep is proud to have been involved in the exciting Eco Schools programme over the last 10 years. Our pupils, parents and staff have participated in a number of successful and sustainable environmental activities and projects over these years. The Eco Schools themes that we have been involved in are: Resource Use, Nature and Biodiversity, Local and Global Issues, Healthy Living, Community and Heritage and Water.

Our hard work and commitment has earned us many accolades and awards for our involvement in this programme, starting from bronze and moving up to the silver, gold, platinum, double platinum, diamond and double diamond decade awards.

We are currently involved in a number of activities, such as encouraging the planting of indigenous trees and plants around the school and growing vegetables in our vegetable gardens. We are passionate about recycling and we encourage our parents and community to choose reusable products.

Our goal for the future? To become more involved in environmental community projects. We believe that it is our duty to help to keep our community clean and healthy. If everyone looked after his or her own little piece of the earth, what a wonderful world we would have!

Chelsea Preparatory School