Junior Primary

At Chelsea Preparatory School, we are fortunate to have two campuses, so that our foundation phase (Grade R to Grade 3) is accommodated on one campus, and our intermediate (Grade 4 to Grade 6) and senior (Grade 7) phase on another campus. This enables us to structure the education and facilities to best suit the children at these different stages of growth and development.

We are committed to creating a warm, caring and stimulating environment in our foundation phase, where your child can feel safe and secure and easily transition into his or her formal schooling. Our focus is on the holistic development of the young child – academic, social, moral, physical, spiritual and emotional.

Our pupils enjoy a happy and productive day and above all, are encouraged to develop a love for learning. Our enthusiastic, caring and dedicated staff provide learning in a creative, structured and nurturing environment.

Pupils from Grade R to Grade 3 follow a structured curriculum, which includes numeracy, literacy and life skills. Included in the weekly timetable are Music, Art, Dance and Movement, and Physical Education lessons.

Afrikaans and isiZulu are introduced into the curriculum from Grade 1. Technology is a valuable aspect of our learning process and children are encouraged to problem solve and think critically.

Academic reports are issued termly and regular parent meetings are arranged so that parents are kept abreast and informed of their child’s academic progress and well-being.

The Junior Campus of Chelsea Preparatory School truly provides the foundation on which we build our education and love for learning.

Senior Primary

At Chelsea Preparatory School we are fortunate to have two campuses, so that our foundation phase (Grade R to Grade 3) is accommodated on one campus, and our intermediate (Grade 4 to Grade 6) and senior (Grade 7) phase on another campus. This enables us to structure the education and facilities to best suit the children at these different stages of growth and development.

The heart of Chelsea is evident in the classroom, where pupils are empowered to develop thinking skills by engaging in interactive activities, many of which use technology as a tool for education. Pupils are given opportunities to explore, communicate, collaborate and create.

Our academic focal areas are:

  • Reading ability and enjoyment
  • Mathematical and scientific skills
  • Technological knowledge and skills
  • Problem solving
  • A love for additional languages
  • Chelsea Values – #values
  • Independent thinking and promotion of study skills
  • Creative, collaborative and evaluation skills

The curriculum for Grade 4 to Grade 6 includes the subjects of English, Afrikaans, isiZulu, Mathematics, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences and Personal, Social and Wellbeing. In addition, lessons in Performance Art, Media, Computers and Physical Education are included. Technology and Life Orientation are introduced into the Grade 7 curriculum.

At Chelsea Prep, we strive to include as much technology and new teaching tools as possible:

  • iPads in Grades 6 and 7 – To stay abreast of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, this system was introduced in Grades 6 and 7 to enhance learning. Applications such as keynotes, clips, iMovie and podcasts are used to collaborate, create and communicate, whilst promoting a passion for learning. Research tasks are ongoing and easily shared. Quizzes such as Kahoot! reinforce knowledge interactively. eTextbooks are practical and make for lighter school bags.
  • Coding lessons and the use of a 3D printer and sphere balls
  • Matific – a fun programme to engage with problem solving using our Chrome Book computers
  • The use of the eight Thinking Maps to develop a solid foundation for independent study skills
  • A themed approach to novel reading. An eLibrary is available to senior pupils.
  • Ongoing staff development to keep abreast of educational changes

Our interactive approach to education is key to our goal of building confident and dynamic pupils who are encouraged to apply their knowledge to the world around us.

Service Teams

“Serving our school, serving our community”

Over a decade ago, Chelsea Preparatory School took the bold step in replacing the Prefect system with a ‘Service Team’ programme, with the emphasis being on serving and giving back to others. Every Grade 7 pupil is given the opportunity to participate in a service team.

Each team serves a unique function and has an individual identity. Ranging from Environment to Technology, Recycling to Events, Sports to Art, School Pride to EarlyAct, our service teams provide opportunities for every pupil to shine. The variety allows pupils to participate in an area where they have a genuine interest or aptitude and can make a positive difference in the lives of others.

2024 Executive Council

Ryan Mbamba Grace du Plessis Dhyana Smith
Vice Chairperson Chairperson Secretary

The teams each appoint two leaders who hold regular meetings. The leaders chair the meetings, complete with agendas and compulsory minutes. Service Team leaders attend a leadership camp where leadership skills are taught. During the weekend, the leaders then nominate and vote for the Executive Council, which represents the Chelsea Prep pupils and Grade 7 Service Teams at bi-termly meetings, addressing any concerns or proposed service projects for 2024.

The 2024 Executive Council members were as follows:
Chairperson is Grace du Plessis
Vice Chairperson is Ryan Mbamba
Secretary is Dhyana Smith

With each team having its own unique character, it gives every child a sense of purpose so that when they leave Chelsea Prep at the end of Grade 7, they have not just participated in the normal sport, cultural and academic programmes, but can also truly feel that they have made a worthwhile contribution to Chelsea.

Our Service Team programme is to teach children not to say, “What can my school do for me?” but rather, “What can I give back to my school and community and make a difference?”


Chelsea Preparatory School is proud to have the following facilities available to help further develop each pupil:

  • Art Room – Our art room on the senior campus has the most beautiful natural light to help create beautiful pieces of art, from paintings to sculptures.
  • Computer Rooms – Both campuses have a computer room that is stocked with laptops or desktops for each pupil in a class. The computer rooms also feature an interactive white board.
  • Counselling Rooms – Each campus has an inviting, comfortable counselling room.
  • Guidance Centre – The centre on our junior campus accommodates occupational therapy, speech and language therapy and support classes.
  • Halls – A hall on each campus accommodates in excess of 500 people for assemblies, concerts and meetings. Both halls feature a stage and state of the art lighting for concerts.
  • Media Centre – The media centre on each campus is designed with the pupil in mind. Our junior campus media centre is bright and colourful, filled with books for new readers, those who are ready for books on a senior level and those who are somewhere in between! Our senior campus media centre is packed with hundreds of books across all genres and for all projects. As well as many educational fun games that promote thinking and problem solving.
  • Music Rooms – Our music rooms are designed to accommodate our young musicians with drums, xylophones and a piano, through to our senior musicians who are in our band, are guitarists and sing in our choir with pianos and a drum set.
  • Sensory Garden – Our sensory garden is an area on our junior campus that pupils love to explore. It is a quiet, calm space, which allows pupils to stimulate and engage the five basic senses of sight, smell, sound, tough and taste on a daily basis.
Chelsea Preparatory School