Sport Programme

Chelsea Preparatory School’s sport programme provides an opportunity for all pupils, from Grade R to Grade 7 and for all skill levels, to participate in as many sports as possible.

The programme is supported and underpinned by our physical education lessons where focus is given to fitness, conditioning, core strength, endurance and skills. Skills are improved through high performance sessions where a specialist coach will work with a small group of pupils during the class physical education lesson. High performance sessions are offered in the sport codes of Cricket, Netball and Hockey.

Our programme adapts to each stage of development: It instils a love of sport in the Grade R and Grade 1 pupils; it develops correct technique in Grade 2 and Grade 3 pupils; it builds on the technique, skill and strength in the Grade 4 to Grade 7 pupils.

Ball Skills, Chess, Cricket, Cross Country Running, Hockey, Indoor Hockey, Netball, Indoor (Action) Netball, Road Running, Running Club, Rugby, Soccer, Swimming, Tennis and Water Polo are all on offer at Chelsea Prep. A sporting code can have up to 35 teams. This is to ensure that each pupil who would like to participate, at their skill level, is included in a team. Chelsea Prep has 4 swimming squads, 20 cricket teams, 23 netball teams, 16 rugby teams, 35 hockey teams and approximately 150 pupils participate in road running weekly.

Pupils are empowered with the values of respect, sportsmanship, teamwork, discipline and dedication through our sport programme.

Sport CaptainS


We are proud to announce our 2024 Captains:


Sport Facilities

Chelsea Prep is proud to have the following facilities available to develop each pupil in their choice of sport:

  • Swimming Pools. Each campus has a pool designed to meet the age of the pupils on the campus. Our Junior campus pool is 13.71meters (15 yards) in length and 1.2m in depth in the deep end. The swimming pool on the senior campus is 22.86 meters (25 yards) and has 8 lanes. Both pools are heated.
  • Multipurpose Courts. A multipurpose court on each campus accommodates tennis and netball.
  • Astro Field. The field on the senior campus hosts two tennis courts, two netball courts and a mini hockey field and goals for mini hockey games. Full hockey practices and games take place at Northwood Boys High.
  • Indoor Sport Hall. The sports hall on the senior campus is equipped with cricket nets for batting and bowling practice and a netball court for games on poor weather days. The facility is used for physical education lessons and practice sessions when it is raining.
  • Cricket Pitches. Two cricket fields on the senior campus allow for the different levels of our cricketers, with an astro cricket pitch for the younger cricketers and a grass pitch for the more experienced players.
  • Cricket Practice Nets. Nets are situated on the junior and senior campuses.
  • Fields. Two large fields are situated on the senior campus, which hosts cricket, rugby and soccer games, athletics days and fun days.
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