Cultural Programme

Promoting well-balanced pupils is a goal dear to our hearts at Chelsea Preparatory School and we believe it is important that children have the opportunity to express themselves creatively from a young age through a variety of music, movement, dance and art. To fulfil this goal, we provide a programme that is rich in culture.

These cultural activities encourage children to explore their emotions, expand their imagination and develop self-confidence and skills in a creative environment. Listening and observation skills increase with practice; teamwork and collaboration enhances social and discipline skills, whilst developing a love for the Arts.

During the school day, pupils attend Performance Art lessons where they move to music and role-play, whilst our junior pupils learn to play djembe drums and percussion instruments.

Dedicated and passionate staff provide many additional opportunities for self-expression and creativity in the Arts. The cultural activities on offer at Chelsea Prep include: Art Club, Chelsea Band, Choir (Junior and Senior), Coding Club (Junior and Senior), Conversational isiZulu, Craft Club, Dance and Movement, Drama Club, Guitar, Matific, Orff Music, Public Speaking, Speech and Drama and Super Humans.

Musical productions and participation in Speech and Drama and Choir Festivals are annual events.

The skills and values pupils are exposed to during these activities are invaluable and our focus is on their participation and fun.


We are proud to announce our 2024 Leaders:

Speech and Drama Festival

Every year, Chelsea Prep pupils are encouraged to participate in the Speech and Drama Festival, as an opportunity to explore the rich and rewarding world of poetry and drama. More than merely learning the words to an age-appropriate poem of their selection, pupils rise to the challenge of incorporating voice projection, modulation and variation of pace, while maintaining eye contact with their audience and conveying sincerity in their facial and vocal expression.

Having practiced these skills, our pupils enjoy performing either poems, coral verse or dialogues and scenes from their favourite books. Pupils may present their work in English, Afrikaans or IsiZulu. The Speech and Drama Association of South Africa, which is based in Durban, sends an adjudicator to assess their performances.

Confident and effective communication is so important in every aspect of life, particularly in the classroom where our national curriculum requires oral assessments of pupils every year – our Speech and Drama pupils gain a distinct advantage in this area.

Speech and Drama Festival Showcase

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